Our Promise to You

As we welcome the holiday season, we sincerely thank you for your support of the Preeclampsia Foundation. Through your support, we’ve been able to touch so many families in 2017. You’ve been there with your encouragement and passion for eliminating preeclampsia and keeping families whole. By helping us keep promises in the fight against this life-threatening disorder, you are an official Preeclampsia Promise Keeper – and we couldn’t do what we do  without you.

To honor your commitment to making strides against preeclampsia, members of our Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board are making a promise to you. During Giving Tuesday, they donated $2 for every $1 you donate and tripled donations from across the country, turning $15,000 into $45,000! 

As we move into the second phase of our Year End Giving campaign, you'll be hearing from "Promise Keepers" from across the country; survivors, advocates, volunteers, donors. The Foundation will also be sharing some of the incredible ways you've created a lasting impact in 2017 and what's in store for 2018. 

As we close out our year, one thing is more clear than ever- we couldn't have done it without you. 

On behalf of the Preeclampsia Foundation, we thank you for the promises you keep in your own way to deliver hope to moms, babies, and families.

Funds raised: $53,651 of $65,000


Thank you to our donors
Martin Fine : $150
Anonymous : $50
Beth Herstein
Syam Buradagunta : $10
Syam Buradagunta : $5
Ira Bernstein : $1,000
Astra Steins : $50
Anna Kwiecien
Thank you for all you do to raise awareness and support research!
Joanne Smith
Andrew Blake : $25
Gail Ohly : $100
So happy our 28 week sweet baby girl started kindergarten this year. Go Olive Go!!
In memory of Evan Patrick Dodge
James Roberts
Corey Lee : $350
In loving Honor & Memory of ALL of us moms & our families - struck & affected by Preeclampsia, Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy & Hellp Syndrome in what should have been our most divine time on earth!
Board of Directors Match : $15,000
Medical Advisory Board Match : $15,000
Sonia Bhagwakar : $75
Jeannie Hagy
Audrey Gardner : $100
Dear Anne, Elena, and Caryn, I only wish it could be more!
Vanita Panjwani
Nicole Sullivan : $500
Britne Becker : $100
Jeannie Kiger : $500
In memory of our first granddaughter Holly Catherine, in honor of her sister Emery Catherine and with hope for the newest grandchild due in May.
Robin Sloan
Kristen Haflett
Erin Gillespie : $33
Anonymous : $20
Abigail Olsen : $500
Rebecca Dixon : $25
In Honor of Leah and Aubrey
Deborah Redfield : $100
In memory of Grace Elizabeth Hallinan
Christine Betts
In Memory of Elizabeth L. Hudson
Colette Matthews : $15
Thank you for tripling donations!
Linda Brouzes : $100
Thank you for all any and all advances in understanding, treating, and preventing complications from this devastating condition.
Anonymous : $35
SL Mims
Troy Ostendorf : $100
Vince Bilovsky
Thomas and Doreen DeVore
In memory of Brian Anthony Metler b/d 1-1-2002 Pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.
Sonya Stromberg
In loving memory of our son and daughter, Blake Arlan (11/18/13) and Rylee Anne (10/22/14).
Heidi Noon : $250
In loving memory of our son, Alexander.
Semora Kludy : $10
Carol Richter : $50
Riley Purnell : $1,000
In honor of my grandson, Cooper Purnell, son of Tim and Nicole Purnell
Anonymous : $100
Thank you to the board & med advisory for tripling the contributions! Here is to hoping there is more awareness & education to expectant mothers & families as well as research to prevent it!
Anonymous : $250
Cherie Christ : $150
Thank you for the work you do! I'm a survivor of severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome that complicated my first pregnancy 2 years ago.
Stephanie Kutson
Lisa Lloyd : $10
Our son, Alexander Lloyd, born (5/2006) a preeclampsia survivor!
Anonymous : $20
Lori Strickler Corso : $25
Grace Siddiqui : $100
In loving memory of our son Sherif.
Cathy Carr : $25
In honor of my beautiful daughter Ella and all eclampsia survivors.
Linda Laszewski
Sabrina Springer : $100
Ramiro Robles : $20
For our daughter in law Carrie, and our Grandson Eli Robles, both Preeclampsia survivors.
Anonymous : $100
Cynthia Wasson : $50
Charles Moakley : $15
Leslie Weeks : $250
In memory.
Amanda Nelson : $40
awesome to see the donation tripled! Thanks to the Board and Med Advisory!!
Megan Johnson : $40
Thinking of all touched by preeclampsia this holiday season, with thanks to the Preeclampsia Foundation for all that you do!
Linda Smith : $100
In memory of Noah Alexander Hoog
Cynthia Paleologos : $25
Daniel Hoog
Loving memory of our sweet Noah Alexander...
Barbara Amdurer
Christine Suarez : $25
In memory of my sweet boy, Ethan Edward Suarez. May no mother ever have to know this pain again!!!
Sophia Kondoleon : $50
Given in honor of Eleni Zuras Tsigas - for a great cause and can't pass up having my gift multiplied!
Joan Shelley
Anonymous : $250
Hey Kim!
Melanie Green : $100
In remembrance of Sydney Ham
Joseph D'Alessio : $125
Hi Eleni!!
Eleni Tsigas
Robert Soave
Donation in memory of Eliza Grace LaRose, daughter of Naomi and Joshua LaRose.
Jennifer Siegel-Gasiewski : $40
Ellen Seely
In honor of Dr. Marshall Lindheimer
Barbara Kleeberger : $20
Dorrie & Brian Tomayko
No footprint too small to make an imprint on the world. In memory of Logan & Bryce.
Carly Kilbourne
For Sydney Ham
Laura Rodriguez Tello
I lost my daughter 5 months ago now due to Pre-eclampsia. I was 34 weeks. It’s been really hard, and I wish doctors would know more about this and why it happens and how to prevent it.
Erin Bangel
Melissa Taylor
Kate Myerson
Kimberlee Petillo : $2
Matthew Cooper : $1,000
Liesel Sale
Andrew Blake : $25
Cindy Tyson : $20
Jamie Miller : $20
Allison Ham : $25
Amber Minogue : $25
Sean Farrell : $10
So excited to support the important work of the Foundation!